Patagonia's clothes are built to last, and sometimes that means that they'll be around for longer than their owner needs them. People might have had some Patagonia pieces for years, but those pieces will still be in good condition by the time those people have moved on from them. To link up these previously worn items with new owners, Patagonia are setting up a thrift shop for two days this week, selling customised and re-upped items. The Patagonia Thrift Store is at Village Underground on Great Eastern Street this Thursday (6-9pm) and Friday (9am-9pm).

As well as the pop-up Thrift Store, Patagonia are also setting up the Worn Wear Repair Station just round the corner in Boxpark's The Brokedown Palace. At the Worn Wear Repair Station you can get free repairs on any item of clothing (not just Patagonia), as well as being taught how to make simple repairs on clothes. Events like the Thrift Store and the Worn Wear Repair Station are all part of Patagonia's attempt to play a role in fighting climate change and protecting our environment. The two events are part of a drive to promote repairing and reusing so that we can reduce our waste and CO2 output. Also as part of this drive, Patagonia have announced that they're going to donate 100% of all sales from this Black Friday (25th) to support grassroots environmental organisations.

You can read more about the pop-up thrift store here, and check the Facebook event for all the info on the Worn Wear Repair Station.