You never know what 2016 is going to bring you. It brought us Donald Trump as a troublingly viable Presidential candidate in an election cycle that can best described as a never-ending episode of Scandal. And in November, it will reportedly bring us a new slate of timely emojis, according to Emojipedia.

Among the new additions—​which number around 75  different options—​there are quite a few that will see more than a bit of widespread use. Take the facepalm. If it were available November 9, we’d no doubt see it used excessively following the conclusion of the aforementioned election. And as holidays approach, the fingers crossed option seems ideal to go along with Christmas lists. For those doing a bit of DM sliding, there’s a new "call me" hand to use as a calling card, too.

New "professional" emojis / Image via Emojipedia

Other new emojis include a walking gorilla (RIP to my man Harambe) and 16 new professions to the career cartoons. Whether you're talking about a judge, mechanic, farmer, or singer, the new iOS will have them in both male and female options, as well as the customary six skin tone shades for you to utilize. Other random additions like a drum set, salad, and avocado will also make their debuts.

Popular emojis, according to Emojipedia / Image via Emojipedia

All of the symbols were approved back in June, fresh off of Apple’s decision to leave out a rifle emoji after pressure from users. You might need hawk eyes to find these when they do finally arrive, though; as usual, many of these emojis will be integrated seamlessly into the gallery of options already available, not warranting a section of their own. Facepalm, indeed.