ComplexCon blessed with a star-studded performance schedule, panel discussions, fashion, art, food and more, but what’s most surprising is that one of the most interesting parts of the weekend wasn't even on a stage.

At the Long Beach Convention Center, Beats by Dre built their Start Listening installation, a festival-friendly psychedelic chill out space where ComplexCon attendees relaxed and discovered new music using their beautifully tuned headphones. While concertgoers heard the latest from Apple Music and Beats 1, finding new tracks and revisiting favorites, the colors in each booth changed according to the music that's playing, creating an artificial sense of synesthesia. Literally meaning joined perception, synesthesia is a condition when one sense is simultaneously perceived by another sense, in this case associating color with music.

Additionally, participants were even given musical aura readings as a photo was taken while they listened and witnessed their song choice's corresponding colors. Music has always colored the world we inhabit, fueling our emotions, our hopes, and our dreams, but at this weekend’s ComplexCon, this idea is made crystal clear by the folks at Beats.

Throughout the weekend, fans were also treated to more than just the ultimate interactive audio-visual experience, Migos, Pharrell, and Takashi Murakami made special appearances.