Men’s grooming is having a full-on renaissance. Where once grooming enthusiasts of the male persuasion were a minority, new statistics indicate they are fast becoming the majority. In fact, the estimated revenue of the guy-focused upkeep industry is currently valued at around $21 billion for 2016 alone. The dialogue about what it means to be a man has shifted dramatically in the last decade. And since new narratives about masculinity are constantly emerging, expressions of maleness are also changing. Guys are going beyond the rugged scents of leather and sandalwood in cologne, and they’re even ditching the all-in-one shampoo, body wash, and conditioners. Instead they are investing in personalized grooming routines and reveling in good ol’ fashioned self-care.

Of course they’re not the only ones benefiting from the groom boom. Women—​better known as the real victims of No Shave November—​are enjoying the glow-up of their XY-chromosome-carrying counterparts, too. Nevertheless, some taboos will always remain. (Bad breath has never been acceptable.) We asked 12 women in the creative industry what their biggest man-grooming taboos were. From unkempt body hair to excessively perfect eyebrows, these beautiful women share their deal breakers below.