Founder: John Charles Cording
Year Founded: 1839

Cordings originally stood outside the gates of the City of London, offering sporting clothes to merchants heading in and gentry headed out. They moved to #19 Picadilly in the late 19th century and have operated there ever since. Their originally signature was waterproofed clothing, but over the years they broadened into other country clothes. Among the brands' signature products are a broad range of boldly-colored trousers, in moleskin, corduroy and other country fabrics. Indeed, their commitment to bold designs has long made them a favorite of both tweedy upper-class types and outrageous rock and rollers. Cordings also offer the definitional covert coat, originally designed for horseback riding and other country pursuits, but now one of the most important pieces of classic outerwear. In 2003, Eric Clapton helped the shop's management buy the store, and he remains their most famous booster.