Founder: David T. Abercrombie & Ezra Fitch
Year Founded: 1892

Before Abercrombie & Fitch was a teenybopper's nightmare, it was the greatest sporting goods store in the world. For nearly a hundred years, it sold safari suits, sporting tweeds, walking sticks, elephant guns, canvas tents and other accoutrements of the gentleman adventurer. The brand closed its flagship in 1977, and while it was briefly revived as a catalog and mall operation, it was purchased by The Limited in 1988 and transformed into what it is today. In its heyday, it famously sold to pith helmeted men like Theodore Roosevelt and Ernest Hemingway, and it helped inspire sellers like the original Banana Republic and J. Peterman. In 2015, A&F brought on new creative director Aaron Levine, who had a hand in a complete rebranding in 2016.