Michelle Obama is the greatest FLOTUS to ever FLOTUS. She is a 52 year-old, Princeton and Harvard-educated, clear-eyes-full-hearts-can’t-lose inspiration to us all, a woman we don’t deserve and will miss horribly when she leaves 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. In internet parlance, she is #goals personified. In IRL parlance, she is the type of accomplished woman we want our daughters and sisters and mothers and sons and brothers and fathers to emulate. And in this monster of an election, she is a salve on our collective, national, hemorrhaging open wound.

Also, she fucking slays. Fashion, in general, is often frivolous and frequently superfluous. How well someone dresses should never be used as a barometer for their worth. But when you see that someone like Michelle Obama—who so clearly has so much to admire in very serious ways—can also roll out of the White House for her final state dinner in a goddamn rose chainmail Versace dress, there is perhaps no more appropriate response than to channel your inner fashionista and scream “YAAAAASSSSSSS, MICHELLE!” to the gawds.


We are not worthy.

Take a gander at every one of Michelle's state dinner looks and Jordan cry all the way to Election Day: