Over the past few years, the influence of social media and the power of the internet has had a monumental effect on modern day photography and visual art. Not only is more work from around the world readily available at the click of a button, but the existence of the web, and social media platforms especially, has empowered those who could have only dreamed of a life as a photographer.

Some of today's most progressive, experimental, and influential photographers sprung to prominence via Instagram. trashhand has developed a signature style, taking snapshots of distressed landscapes and interiors; 13thwitness is known for his unique take on sports and music; and finally, New York-based couple Bee and Rog Walker challenge the boundaries when it comes to portrait photography. Rog doesn't actually have an Instagram handle, but his internet savvy has enabled him to make a name for himself.

Here they discuss their biggest influences in a constantly evolving art form.