Subversion. Rebellion. Shock and awe. Cultural influence. Supreme has it all. For over 21 years, the New York skate brand’s brand is one that dissidents, demagogues, and rabble-rousers alike can really get behind. Oh, and hypebeasts. Can’t forget them. In fact, it may be the hypebeasts who are allowing Supreme to continuously put out questionable gear, because they continuously sop it up with a proverbial biscuit, release after release. Supreme doesn’t set trends or influence. They don’t have to. All they need to do is drop. A T-shirt with some appropriated logo here. Some morally ambiguous accessory there, like, perhaps, a brick. And a collaboration with whoever the hell they please to really whet the whistle of their constituents. Supreme can slap their brand on just about anything, and it will most likely sell out. The sillier, the better.


So, pushing the envelope to see just how far they can go with some of this shit is probably the coolest, most on-brand thing Supreme can do. That, in theory, really does make it one of the coolest brands around. So, at the risk of sounding like huge NARCs, here are 10 of the weirdest items Supreme has ever released.

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