Opening Ceremony is known for its untraditional fashion shows during New York Fashion Week. Last season, the brand presented a one-act play and before that enlisted a troupe of modern dancers to “fall” on the runway. This time around, Opening Ceremony used its platform to discuss the upcoming election with a show titled "Pageant of the People." The event, which was hosted by Portlandia stars Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein, doubled as a beauty pageant and open forum for discussing political issues.  

"[This] show is a tribute to the American democratic process, and the diversity of those who participate in it," a booklet passed out to attendees read.

Guests like Rashida Jones took the stage to address the Syrian refugee crisis, while Orange Is the New Black actress Diane Guerrero spoke to the crowd about immigration reform and the press secretary of the Human Rights Campaign Sarah McBride discussed LGBT equality. 

"I think it’s a shame not to use this platform that we have to talk about something that’s on our minds," Humberto Leon, the co-founder of Opening Ceremony, told The New York Times.

Of course, the designers' latest collection was also on display. Models along with the celebrity guests were outfitted in the Fall/Winter 2016 gear. They each made their way across the stage while answering the pageant-style questions from Brownstein and Armisen. The event culminated with an appearance by Whoopi Goldberg, who was asked what brought her to the fashion show. She responded, "Only in America can a girl like me find myself walking on a stage like this, dressed in Opening Ceremony, baby.” 

Opening Ceremony's refreshing take on the runway show makes it another clear standout this season. We can't wait to see what they come up with next.  

Pieces from Sunday's show are already available for pre-order at both Opening Ceremony and Saks Fifth Avenue.