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Men's online fashion retailer Mr. Porter announced Thursday that the company is launching a home shopping app for the Apple TV. The app will aim to bring the content of Mr. Porter's shoppable digital magazine to customers on their couches. Utilizing the app, consumers can browse through all of Mr. Porter's content and purchase things directly from their TV. The app will also offer other digital content from Mr. Porter, including behind-the-scenes and clothing/fashion-related tutorial videos.

“As our customers have always had the ease and opportunity to shop directly from the digital pages and video-series of The Journal, we’re now thrilled they’ll be able to connect their shopping experience with the viewing-pleasure of video series and short films within Apple TV’s network of innovative channels and first rate content," said Federico Marchetti, the CEO of Mr. Porter's parent company.

The company is aiming to continue broadening their digital retail presence with new ways for consumers to find and buy things. “As we aim to create innovative new omnichannel retail experiences by combining TV and e-commerce, we couldn’t be prouder of the MR PORTER team: the vision of shopping luxury via Apple TV is now a reality. We are excited that MR PORTER is among the first to give luxury customers a great new way to shop,” said Mr. Porter's Brand and Content Director Jeremy Langmead. 

Fans of Mr. Porter can download the app on Apple TV now and start shopping from the comfort of their couch.