Kevin Durant recently got a new piece of ink, and we've got questions. Two months ago, Durant showed up to USA Basketball camp in Las Vegas with a very large, and very noticeable Tupac tattoo on his leg. When asked about the tat, KD told Marcus Thompson of the San Jose Mercury News that he's a huge fan and "supremely impressed with Pac's mind at such a young age." Okay, cool, cool. Now, let's move onto this new one. 

Durant just got a huge tattoo of Rick James's face on his thigh. 

If you're confused by the decision, join the club! Is Durant determined to have every noteworthy musician from Cali on one leg? Is KD that much of a Rick James fan? We're not the only ones who are a little perplexed by his decision. 

Hopefully we'll get an explanation from Durant. We really do need it for this one.  

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