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Need some shopping inspiration this weekend? Say no more, fam. The Complex Style team has some suggestions for you for new product we love, available to buy right now. Catch us on that check-out line.

Opening Ceremony

I have never been a fan of people on the internet screeching definitively that "YOU NEED TO DRESS LIKE THIS!" or "YOU SHOULD NEVER WEAR THAT," without allowing room for individual style or personal taste. Mostly because that’s kind of missing the point of fashion in general, but also because there are no hard and fast style rules for guys these days. Except maybe this one: If you are still not dressing comfortably, you’re doing it wrong. We’re not in Elizabethan England; loosen the F up already.

Now that you're on board with the concept, why not go all-in with an extra comfy, super soft track pants and shirt jacket combo, like this from Opening Ceremony? Almost a proper track suit, but not quite, this set has been given an upgrade courtesy of a silky flannel fabric, a wide-leg to keep you feeling free and easy, and some details like buttoned cuffs that class it up a little. The top comes with a thicker-than-expected lining for warmth when the weather takes a dip, too. If you’re worried about looking too sloppy, you can also break them apart to wear on their own, styled with jeans or a button down shirt.

It’s off-hours knock-around gear, morning workout wear, weekend day-drinking attire. You can wear it to class, or, depending on what you do for a living, your casual workspace with an open seating plan. Shout out to people who wear a uniform every day, and pour one out for the bros on Wall Street who have to strap on a suit each morning. Everyone else can get ready to get cozy all week long this fall. —Steve Dool

​Shirt-jacket, $695; track pants, $275; both available at Opening Ceremony

Opening Ceremony

If you haven’t heard, Adidas Gazelle O.G.s are back. Adidas updated the ‘90s version of the sneaker, and it has been worn across the board by editors, sneakerheads, and influencers since its re-release this past June. These days, you can’t go a day without seeing them on the street.

First created in 1966, the Gazelles started off in the sports world—the blue colorway was made for training, while the red iteration was intended for handball. But over the decades, it became a go-to for skaters, young Brits in the early ‘80s, supermodels like Kate Moss and Helena Christensen, and mega stars like Michael Jackson, Mick Jagger, and the Beastie Boys.

So, what makes the Gazelle special these days? Besides the celebrity co-sign and rich history, they’re incredibly easy to wear. The classic, suede silhouette can be paired with jeans, sweats, or silk trousers. Plus, there are 10 colors (navy blue, red, yellow, etc.) you can choose from. Did we mention they’re only $80? —​Karizza Sanchez

Gazelles, $80; available at

Adidas Gazelles and Opening Ceremony