Even though Raf Simons said that he wasn’t just a minimalist, most notably in the Dior and I film, the designer has been inextricably linked to the adjectiveand with good reason. As evident in his designs at his own label, Jil Sander, and even at Christian Dior, he has a tendency to pare back designs in some ways. Sure, his couture designs were a lot more ornate than his work at Sander, but when compared to John Galliano’s overworked costumes, for example, they were as simple as T-shirts.

Calvin Klein is similarly minimal. From underwear design, all the way up to the highest-end pieces within Calvin Klein Collection, the brand is a fan of monochromatic looks and clean lines. The happenstance seems small, but all signs point to it leading to a harmonious working relationship. Simons stayed at Sander, where there was also a similarity in aesthetic,​ for seven years and his swan song for that label brought the designer to tears.