The 2016 Olympic Games in Rio have been a bit of a clusterfuck. With fabricated robberies that have seen one athlete—*cough* Ryan Lochte *cough*—lose sponsorships, press coverage that got one reporter sent back to America, and social media outcries centered around black athlete's edges, it’s been a steaming heap of trash. And that's to say nothing of the chaos going on in the lead-up to this year's events. Nonetheless, there were a few style high-points.

As with any event with a ton of eyeballs, fashion brands have long edged their way into the Olympic fray in hopes of profiting off of the events. From sponsoring athletes in strict, multi-million dollar deals (Michael Phelps might want to review his) to sponsoring the wardrobes of entire teams, Olympic appearances are big business. Here we break down who stood out amongst the crowd.