Alexander Wang is a big winner in court Monday, according to WWD. The designed successfully sued over 45 defendants who were operating almost 460 websites that sold counterfeit Alexander Wang items. As a result, Wang has been awarded a very symbolic $90 million. 

We say symbolic because although Wang won the case, it's nearly impossible to track down the people operating these websites and thus impossible to get the money. Wang actually won the cause by default because none of the defendants appeared in court to defend their sites. A spokesperson for the brand admits that this is much more about preventing future counterfeiters than it is about recouping the damage that's already been done. "The court system regularly awards very large amounts for the symbolic significance, as a means of deterring other individuals and parties," a spokesperson told WWD. "In other words, Alexander Wang is unlikely to receive $90 million." 

The Fashion Law explained that Wang won't be able to get any of the $90 million because of the nature of cybersquatting cases. Websites selling counterfeit goods are registered under fake names and other fake information, making the defendants virtually impossible to track down. 

On the flip side, Wang is now the proud owner of all the domains, like and, that were illicitly selling counterfeits of his designs. Those involved with the label hope the large and in charge $90 million figure will deter people from making these types of sites in the future. "Protecting our brand requires maintaining constant vigilance on a global scale as well as taking proactive measures such as sending cease and desist orders directly to domestic and foreign counterfeiters as well as contacting website servers that host counterfeit sites," said the brand's chief principle officer, Dennis Wang. "The creativity and originality of our designs are the foundation upon which the company is based."