These days the requirements for being an impeccably dressed man (and actually getting noticed for it) means much more than having the ability to put together a fire vintage T-shirt, skinny jeans, and a pair of coveted, rare sneakers, or owning every Supreme drop in recent memory. That’s what we call a hypebeast. A celebrity man with imitable style is that sweet spot between having the confidence to push fashion boundaries, but the wisdom to know the difference between a refreshing silhouette and an ill-fitting one, tackily tasteful, and just plain tacky. And though menswear designers put new and revived trends down the runway season after season with the expectation for consumers to follow, even they know that their most important ones will be these men. For these uber-stylish celebrity men take a trend from the runway and make it a style movement.

Technically, we can thank style god Kanye West for the universal athleisure movement, our current obsession with tour merch, introducing the world to Vetements, and, along with Pharrell, making Adidas cool again. We can also thank Jaden Smith and Young Thug for pushing wardrobe gender boundaries and proving they are men who can do both. Those are just a few, as the list could go on.

We’re only seven months and two menswear fashion seasons into 2016, and we already have our contenders for the best-dressed men so far this year. These are men that understand that even more important than what they’re wearing is the way they carry themselves; they care equally about the style of their hair as the design of their sneaker, and they aren’t afraid to take a style pivot. And, of course, we had to include the worst dressed men. These are men who are on a spectrum of playing it safe to perplexing the masses. Read along, because it’s important to know the difference. 

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