Stampd spring/summer 2017 collection inspired by rebellion and people fighting injustice is perfect for the here and now. The new collection is another step forward in Stampd's quest to perfect the muddy middle area between high and low fashion as it introduces an expanded color palette and a roughness to its typically clean pieces.

The roughness is borne out of Stampd's primary influence this season: populations that retooled military surplus clothing and defended justice. As the collection's press release reads, there is "an undertone of rebellion" throughout. This inspiration manifests itself in roughly cut coats with strings still dangling off of them, distressed bomber jackets, and ripped-up denim. 

The collection takes direct cues from factions that would repurpose military clothing, and Stampd specifically cites the Vietnam War as inspiration for the embroidery. The military pieces are the clear standouts from Stampd's collection. A bomber covered in D-rings and hanging straps is the perfect piece for the person who craves for more than Alpha Industries but isn't bold (or rich) enough to jump into something by Craig Green

And this middle ground is a space that Stamp is happy to occupy and bring attention to. Stampd is a brand that never stops evolving, and the fact that it started off by making just hats tells you how far it's come. This year, Stampd put on its first NYFW presentation and in between its debut and its second show on Tuesday the brand was named a finalist for the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund award. 

In an interview with Stamp from the week he was announced as a finalist, the designer talked about how important the award was to bring credibility and attention to the area between "low" and "high" fashion that he does so well. "I think it's important for us and as the market as a whole to recognize what we're all doing within our peer group is something very special and potentially the future of where the men's market is going," he told Complex. 

And it's exciting to see a taste of what Stamp can do now and envision how that might be evolved and elevated by working with the panel involved with the award. Stamp's ability to deftly slide slightly oversized blazers right next to thrashed denim and military-inspired pieces is already evident. And Stamp is playing the high-fashion game well. He attracted the required high-profile attendees to his show with celebs like Andre Igoudala and Shaun White sitting front row.

Stampd is also incorporating the trend that is on every designer's mind: see now, buy now. The first three looks from Stampd's collection are already available now on the brand's website. Take a look at the entire collection below. 

First of three looks available now
Second of three looks available now
Third of three looks available now