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Big Sean spoke with Vogue Thursday about his evolving style while on Rihanna's ANTI tour and the icons he's looked up to along the way. 

When asked to name rappers with style he admired, Big Sean listed off some of the usual suspects—Kanye, Pharrell, and Tupac—but also threw in some other names we might not immediately think of when it comes to well-dressed MCs. "I really liked Nas," Big Sean told Vogue. "I thought his style was really good. Definitely Tupac and Biggie. To this day, I still rock a Rolex ring, obviously I got that from Tupac and Biggie. Also Jay Z, Kanye, and Pharrell too. Growing up, all these guys had an impact on me. I see a version of them in myself today." 

Potentially more interesting was the very next question that asked about standalone iconic looks that "left a strong impression" on him. He names Cam'ron's pink mink outfit, Tupac in the Red Wings jersey, Biggie and Diddy's suits, and Nas' "minimal look," Big Sean said. "Carhartt jacket, the NY Timbs, the army green." 

The rapper also talks about his favorite brands: John Elliott, Saint Laurent, Fear of God, and Yeezy. "Obviously, I love Yeezy, Kanye’s clothes are really, really good," he said.

The interview also touches on Big Sean's willingness to layer even if it means getting overheated (because, remember, celebrities don't get hot) and how growing up in Detroit influenced his style. You can read the entire interview here.