Wipe the sweat from your brow and feast your eyes upon Aimé Leon Dore's new spring/summer Uniform 02 collection. The New York-based label just unveiled a new range of tanks, tees, and shorts that maximizes stylishness while minimizing your desire to curl up into a ball and have people douse you with ice water. 

The materials and items used in the collection were clearly chosen with the earth's record-breaking temperatures in mind. Tanks are designed using a lightweight slub—referring to the bumps and lumps intentionally left on the garment—jersey with ventilating slits on the side. The T-shirts and compression shorts are made using French Terry, a fabric that naturally keeps you dry by wicking away and absorbing moisture. 

The collection is, once again, an example of how ALD uses the details to elevate a collection. What on the surface appears to be a couple shorts, tanks, and shirts in navy and black are made a must-cop by the unique materials that will make getting through summer a breeze (or at least a lot painless). 

You can shop ALD's Uniform 02 collection on the brand's website now