In the latest episode of his GQ digital series, Most Expensive Shit, 2 Chainz sat down with his friend, Corey Shapiro, who is also the founder of the sunglass company Vintage Frames, to try on some insanely priced sunglasses.

The two friends met up at Hyde Sunset in Los Angeles before they dug into a treasure trove of expensive sunglasses held in an equally as beautiful vintage box. Thanks to editing, Tity Boi even gets to turn the opening of the case into a moment with some angel-like aah's—the sound of wealth. From there, Chainz went into the real fun and tried on sunglasses worth more than our paychecks, rent, etc. The frames ranged from hand-dipped rose to other designs courtesy of noted fashion designer Jean Paul Gaultier that are in the shade of "money green" with sides in the shape of forks because they can. 

Possibly the best highlight happened when 2 Chainz put on a $12,000 pair of sunglasses made with the rarest glass stock in the world. Of course, to get a closer look, Chainz didn't hesitate to pull out his lighter, which definitely gave Shapiro a sudden heart attack. Things only go up (in price) from there as he checks out some of the same sunglasses sported by Run-D.M.C., Tupac, Vanilla Ice, and more. The prices shouldn't be too much of a surprise to Chainz though since it turns out he has actually purchased "a couple hundred shades" from Shapiro in the past, which would probably mount to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Previous episodes had 2 Chainz discovering $2 million diamond encrusted shoes and taking hits from a $50,000 scorpion bong. This might be one of the less expensive episodes of his Most Expensive Shit, but it still is more than anything we'd ever spend on sunglasses. Watch the whole thing above.