We would never tell you to model your lives after the lives of celebrities, because celebrities do a lot of ridiculous things—all sorts of wild antics, head-scratching projects, and embarrassing ventures. But, if you sift through all the noise, there are some things some famous people get right. Like the six guys we've gathered here, who have shown a very capable flair for dressing pretty damn well. If you read Complex, you're likely caught up on Justin Bieber's evolving wardrobe, Zayn's style risks, and Jaden Smith's utter disregard for traditional men's fashion rules. Keep paying attention to what they're doing this summer, but also keep tabs on what three other style-icons-in-the-making are wearing and how they're wearing it: Metro Boomin, Michael B. Jordan, and Brooklyn Beckham, each of whom have developed a signature style worth looking into. If you're going to replicate anything stars do, this is how—and when—to do it.


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