They say that our memories are triggered most strongly by one sense in particular. It’s not what we’ve seen or heard or even what we’ve felt that sticks with us the most. No, what truly triggers our deepest reactions is our sense of smell.

So, when the special someone in your life gets a whiff of your scent, what will it be like? Will it be a musty odor like you’ve perpetually just gotten out of bed? Will it be ripe—or even rank—like you’ve just come from the gym? Or will it be something else entirely—something more alluring, appealing, and appetizing, that will really get his or her pheromones firing?

As spring turns to summer, GUESS has got you covered in finding the perfect scent with its Seductive Homme and Night fragrances for men. Seductive Homme was designed to turn you into just that (homme is French for “man,” in case any of you barbarians didn’t catch that). With notes of pink pepper, crushed violet, and creamy sandalwood, this unique combo yields a distinctly sexy aroma. Night goes even further with its complexity, boasting a three-tiered system of fragrances: top notes of hot pepper, grapefruit, and Malaysian elemi; middle notes of cedar wood, geranium, and Haitian vetiver; and bottom notes of Indonesian patchouli, black vanilla, and Spanish labdanum. This ain’t your granddaddy’s cologne. These are finely crafted fragrances designed to elicit a visceral olfactory reaction of pure and deep attraction.

So, as the weather keeps getting warmer, forget the look of love. Get the smell of it instead. You can find the special GUESS fragrance that’s right for you by visiting here now.