If there's one off-the-court story that has seemed to capture the public's collective eye during this year's NBA Finals, it's Ayesha Curry and (more specifically) pretty much everything she tweets.

The 140-character-or-less observations of Steph's wife have made her the main subject in a variety of stories during the Warriors' playoff run. We've seen inexplicably strong reactions to her response to a troll who wanted to "smack her" with the whisks in her Twitter avi, her clearly stated (then deleted) opinion that the entire league is rigged, and the back-and-forth between her and Stephen A. Smith on First Take.

Clearly, Ayesha Curry has turned into a polarizing figure who draws love, hate and, most importantly, eyeballs to any report about her.

In order to take advantage of this bubble before it bursts, some entrepreneur(s) is/are doing his/her/their best to capitalize on the controversies in time for Sunday's Game 7. As you can see above, they're doing so with a shirt that plays on the "Bye Felicia" meme you've likely heard in Friday, or five-to-six times per Keith Olbermann highlight.

The Currys have been the subject of some much-maligned footwear and apparel during this 2016 playoffs run. Steph's "We're Out at Brunch Right Now" 2s are still getting roasted, despite how "fire" the two-time MVP thinks they are. And Steph's special-edition unanimous MVP Under Armour shirt also received its fair share of hate on the timeline. 

Anyway, you can get the "Bye Ayesha" shirt here for $13.99.