Most Relevant:  Kardashian Chain on the Baby Bottle, Rob and Chyna Pushing a Stroller, Rob Wearing a Chyna Hat, Pretty much any one that features something about a Kardashian
Least Relevant: All the food ones, especially the Eggplant with Straws In It (???), Side-Eye Meme, pretty much any of the ones that don’t feature a Kardashian
Rating: 🔥🔥​🔥

Blac Chyna has sure created…something for herself. The stripper-turned-model-turned-entrepreneur has most recently made a name for herself with her relationships with rapper Tyga and Rob Kardashian. Her Chymojis couldn’t have come at a better time as her relationship with Rob flourishes and the amount of emojis featuring Rob or some reference to the Kardashian family become increasingly more usable. You gotta give it up; she and her team are smart.