While we live in seconds, minutes, hours, and days, the Internet only knows one measure of time: now. And if you or what you’re about isn’t in the now, then your relevance has a slim chance of sticking. This is the mindset celebrities live with as they flourish in the glossed-over eyes of us laymen.

The digital age is built on three basic principles: trolling, memes, and—​of courseemojis. Everything either starts or ends with one of these founding principles, giving it life or quickly becoming its demise. Celebrities embrace these principles the most, because they understand what they mean to their potential constituents. Thus, celebrity emoji—​or celebremojisare born. While a lot (and we mean A LOT) of the results are bad, some celebs really know how to grab hold of the moment and exploit the hell out of it. See which celebrity emojis are the most relevant and which need to be deleted off your keyboard.