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The Swedes at Acne Studios have a way of making clothes that go from zero to sixty, from gently pushing the boundaries of menswear to destroying them altogether—and somehow, their designs always look cooler than anything we've already got in our closet. When the Stockholm-based label released its first full eyewear collection in 2015, it took the same two-pronged approach, offering simple aviator lenses alongside Cobain-esque mod frames and oversize shapes that block the hell out of the sun.

The design variations underscore a simple dictate: Acne's eyewear isn't pegged to a specific time or place. "I do not like the word 'trendy,'" says Acne co-founder and creative director Jonny Johansson. "Instead, I focus on what works within the world of Acne Studios." That's why certain core styles are available from season to season, while others (like the new teardrop-style frames in the slideshow above) are introduced over time. The unifying elements that tie all Acne sunglasses together are color and the perennial inspiration provided by Johansson's musical heroes, like the '70s rock band the New York Dolls. "If it works, it works, despite different trends," he adds. Words to dress by, whether you're going big or small this summer.

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