New York’s affair with the color black is no secret. It’s been well-documented that those in all black appear smarter and hotter, in addition to being the de-facto color of the counter culture, championed by beatniks, punks, goths, intellectuals and city icons like Ginsberg and Warhol since forever. Beyond the cultural implications, black just makes sense in New Yorkit's the most versatile, low maintenance color you can buy in a dirty ass city that's short on closet space, but long on work hours and social obligations. Who has time to do laundry anyway?

With the summer season upon us, you're gonna hear a lot of noise about seasonal colors, summer trends, and beach styles. If you're like me, you'd rather take the L train at rush hour than cop a single piece of nautical clothing.

So tune out the noise, and don't despair if your monochromatic wardrobe is devoid of floral prints and khakis. If us New Yorkers can make a coin laundry machine in our buildings’ basement feel like a luxury amenity, we can definitely make black work in the summer. While all your friends are complaining about their white Hamptons fits getting trashed at the club, here are a few tips to staying fresh in all black while the summer heat turns up. Help us help you.