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The release of Paul Feig's Ghostbusters is nearing closer, with just a couple months before its anticipated release. To celebrate the reboot of the beloved film, French boutique colette has teamed up with rapper Nas and five different brands to do their take on Ghostbusters-inspired designs.

Most importantly, Colette tapped Nas to help with the collaborations. The rapper, who is a big fan of the film, also contributed some Ghostbusters apparel from his clothing label HSTRY, which he relaunched back in 2014 to reflect his personal journey.

“My side is the clothes and that’s HSTRY and HSTRY deals with everything that’s movies, war, love, politics, people, places, and things, we do all of that," Nas told The Source about the collection. "This movie is a part of my history."


The new HSTRY pieces include a series of tees with imagery from the classic movie. Styles include a T-shirt emblazoned with the movie's theme song's catch phrase "Who you gonna call" and the iconic Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, alongside tees with the HSTRY and colette logos across the front. Several of the graphics also feature the year 1984 as a tribute to the original movie's release.

The collection also includes graphics designed by Nas on a number of other items: hats by New Era, ear buds and headphones by Monster, sunglasses by Italia Independent, and a Slimer green bike by Tokyobike. Yes, you're reading that correctly: each of these brands collaborated with Nas and colette on their items. 

You can shop the pieces now exclusively at colette and online.