After dropping special capsules for Reigning Champ and Saturdays NYC, Mr Porter has come through with another exclusive range by the award-winning brand Public School.

This release will present nine casual staples that continue the high-end streetwear aesthetic the brand has become known for; however, the designers have changed things up a bit with a batch of new fabrics as well as a move to more spring-ready colorways. There’s a dyed satin overshirt, a wool flannel button-up, double gauze shorts, and a tussore short-sleeve shirt, just to name a few.

Founders Dao-Yi Chow and Maxwell Osborne also gave Complex an exclusive interview regarding the inspiration behind the collection and how they approached it. You can check out the interview, as well as photos of the capsule available at Mr Porter, below.

What is special about these MR PORTER exclusive collections? 
They're special because they're either new silhouettes or new fabrics we're doing specifically for MR PORTER.

Do you approach them any differently than you would a normal collection?
Yeah, because we're looking at fabrication and specific details so it's really focused as opposed to trying to design a whole collection. So it's almost like working on shoes or accessories because the idea for what the capsule is very specific and tight.

What was your inspiration for this particular collection?
It really started out with fabric. We wanted to do something that was very spring-into-summer. We wanted to do this navy story for MR PORTER and then you'll have the pops of colors - so with the navy you'll have the khaki and the
greys. It was really about this navy story we wanted to have with MR PORTER.

There's a lot of interesting and innovative fabrics. What made you want to include those?
It's part of the Public School DNA. The fabric set looks like they have a classic feel to them, but they have a technical twist. So the
wovens that we chose were really light and airy and breathable. To some of the knits, where there was some sort of performance in the construction.

Why did you want to make indigo the key color?
It's an interesting summer color. It's dark but not black. But there's still such a range with what you can do with navy and indigo.