The realms of fashion and technology are interweaving more frequently than you realise, and it was only a matter of time before two big names from both industries would come together. Step forward Levi’s and Google — two of the biggest names about — who have developed a trucker jacket that fuses impeccable style with technological innovation.

Dropping through the Levi’s Commuter range, in partnership with Jacquard by Google, the jacket won’t be out till Spring 2017, however we already like what we see. Weaving interactive fibres into the denim it creates a fashionable jacket with fully functional interactive features for cyclists. Using touch sensitive controls on the jacket it allows the wearer to access smartphone services such as map directions, calls and music. Altogether is creates a seamless experience for cyclists of both the passionate and the casual variety.

Check out the video above to see the jacket in action, you can find out how it was made and see additional images by scrolling down below.