Even though we live in an age where photography has moved onto a digital platform it's hard to argue that nothing can beat a good old Polaroid. Whether it’s personal preference or just plain old nostalgia there’s something unique to it. Thanks to the Impossible Project, who refurbished the last original Polaroid factory back in 2008, instant film is still alive and kicking through their newest product the I-1 instant camera.

It’s the first camera designed, engineered and produced by the team at the Impossible Project, paying homage to the iconic model of the original Polaroid cameras — a classic age before the time of selfie sticks and snapchat filters. The model itself comes in a matte black finish with a built-in flash ring, and despite the old school design it has been adopted for today’s digitally savvy audience. The I-1 allows users to connect remotely through an iOS app which enables them to get creative with the various tools and features such as double exposure, remote triggering and light painting.

Additionally the I-1 app lets you have total control of  the aperture and shutter speeds, when you're satisfied with the picture you can post it immediately on social media.

The I-1 instant camera is priced at £229 and is available now from select retailers including MoMA Design Store, Colette, Paul Smith and Selfridges, as well as the Impossible Project’s webstore.

For additional images of the camera scroll down to our gallery below where you can also see Polaroid pictures taken by the likes of Emily Soto, Joey L, Harriet Browse, Anthony Vaccarello, Oliver Blohm and The White Stripe's Jack White, all of whom used the I-1.