Excuse me if I sound like the Mad Rapper a la Life After Death, but Floyd Mayweather's outlandish spending habits got me hot. The self-proclaimed "Half a Billion Dollar Man" is no stranger to going super extra with his money. And for good reason: When you're consistently one of the highest-paid celebrities every year, raking in hundreds of millions of dollars (his estimated net worth is a whopping $650 million OF THEM THANGS), there ain't a 'nere nobody that can tell you what to do with your hard-earned cash. Yesterday, we learned that he spends upwards of $10k a month for bald fades, in addition to all the times we've seen him drop a couple mil on blindingly gaudy jewelry, or tens of millions on super exotic cars with names that sound completely made up

Money Mayweather has mentioned that he will be making around seven figures every month from here on out due to smart investments; so, even if you did the math on what he's actually spending—the publicly-announced, luxury goods he throws in our little plebeian faces—it's probably coming back two-fold. We did the math for you anyway, because we are masochists who love to feel that sweet, sweet emotional dire of knowing our money won't ever be up like Floyd's. And remember: This is just the stuff we know about from the past 12 months, and it doesn't include real estate, orahementertainment.