As we gear up for—what hopes to be—a sun-kissed Summer this is the perfect time to step up your bag-game. The man-pouch may give you certified roadman status but nothing says 'Boss' better than a good old duffel bag, and premium accessories brand Herschel Supply have come up with the perfect bags for this season in the form of the 'Day/Night Collection'.

The collection consists of a series of backpacks and duffle bags made from lightweight and resilient plain-weave poly material. A long-lasting custom coating is also added, which creates a water resistant barrier that’s reflective when you need it to be. 

The fabric from the bag's coating activates the retro-reflective particles in both low-light and dark conditions, therefore making each piece ideal for walks and cycling in the evening.

Each bag has been built for everyday use and can be easily folded and compressed into an internal self-storage pocket. This is finished off with visible plastic zippers and Herschel Supply’s trademark subtle detailing, offering a minimalist aesthetic.  

The collection is out now from select retailers including Urban Outfitters, scroll down to our gallery for a look at the entire collection.