Gucci Mane has been released from prison after two years. The Internet is losing its collective—​presumably ice cream-tatted—​head, and Snapchats of the rapper show a man with a whole new physique. 

Gucci Mane might have a couple things to acquaint himself with after his time in prison (like Snapchat, for instance), but if there's one story in the world of fashion he needs to catch up on, it's probably the label he shares a name with: Gucci. You know, the new Gucci with designer Alessandro Michele at the helm that has taken the menswear and womenswear worlds by storm with its over-the-top style and Wes-Anderson-on-speed aesthetic. If you ask us, Gucci's just-previewed Cruise 2017 collection is as good place as any for Big Guwap to start.

With his new slimmed down body, Gucci and Gucci Mane have never been a better match. So may we present to you: six images of new Gucci Mane in the new Gucci. A match truly made in heaven.