There are many things that are amazing and almost unbelievable about Beyoncé's new project Lemonade. One of them is that, in the age of leaks and Internet rumors, no one knew what Lemonade even was heading into the HBO special on Saturday night. Cosmopolitan spoke with model Winnie Harlow, who appears in the hour-long visual accompaniment to the album, about how Bey was able to keep the whole thing under wraps. 

It sounds as if the first step in keeping a secret like Beyoncé is simply not giving people enough information to blow your cover. "I just literally only knew it was called Lemonade," Harlow tells Cosmo when asked about how much she was told while working on it. "I think after the filming, we all didn't really know exactly what the project was, but we could sense how epic it was. Like of course we were part of the scenes, but we just weren't told what exactly was going on, you know?"

Harlow says she was sworn to secrecy, but did tell her mom and sister when she got home because they were worried and had no idea where she had been. 

Of course, there are perks to working with Bey besides finding out about her projects in advance. Harlow says the singer performed album standout "Freedom" for them a cappella and she also got to meet Bey's daughter and husband, Blue Ivy and Jay Z. 

You can read the entire interview here.