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If you've ever wanted to start your own clothing brand, but have no idea where to begin, this should be useful. Mastered recently released a preview of its online course on streetwear led by Virgil Abloh and A-COLD-WALL* designer Samuel Ross. The course aims to help young creatives and entrepreneurs with design, production, and more.

In the video, Abloh and Ross explain what creative direction really entails. "Creative direction is one of those things that is by nature dependent on who and what the project is," Abloh says. "In a general sense it's curating and synthesizing a bunch of factors and end goal needs. Whether its a graphic for a t-shirt or a concept for a party... there has to be some sort of synthesis of a bunch of different touch points and then outputting that into actual tangible things."

They also talk about some of the key things to keep in mind when starting a brand, such as constantly challenging your brand's identity and knowing prices for products ahead of time to make advertising and marketing easier. All valuable advice for anyone trying to make it in the industry. 

You can apply for the class online before it starts on April 20.