Vince Staples is back in a new video for GQ to offer a ranking of the best and worst rapper chains of all time. After offering critiques of NBA players' style and GQ's "Man of the Year," Staples hilariously sounds off on the bling worn over the years by everyone from Kanye West to Gucci Mane.

This time around, the outspoken rapper is joined by celebrity jeweler Jason Arasheben, who is actually behind one of the chains. Together they look back at some of ridiculous pieces like T-pain's "Big Ass Chain," which Staples says is horrible, and Lil Wayne's money bag chain. Like always Staples keeps it 100, meaning the critiques are brutally honest even when the designer is sitting right next to him. But, it isn't all bad, one chain he admits to being a fan of is Jay Z's gold Jesus, which the rapper started sporting back in 1999.

To hear all their rankings check out the video above.