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Apparently the thirst for Supreme's collab with Sasquatchfabrix was so intense that people were checking out without giving the items a good look. As first pointed out by Reddit, the back of this T-shirt, which features two people about to kiss on the front, features full frontal male and female nudity. 

The first comment tells you everything you need to know: "Someone is going to look at this pic and realize that the shirt they just bought has a penis on it." And that's exactly what happened. One by one, Reddit users filed in with their regrets. "Yup unfortunately I'm that guy," eye-of-the-gooch writes. "Didn't look close enough haha that sucks."

Others write: "Fuck I just did the same thing. Any idea what resale will be?" "oh man fuck i wanted to actually wear this shirt, gotta sell it now." And, "Gonna have to always be wearing a jacket with this piece."

Others are already looking to unload the tee and wondering how much they can get for it. Temporary-buying-blindness isn't exclusive to just Reddit, either. People are also tweeting about living in regret after purchasing the shirt. 

Those purchasing the tee without looking closely enough is proof that the hype around Supreme is reaching critical mass. Customers are just willing to throw whatever they can get their hands on into their cart and pay up for it. 

You can see a censored image of the T-shirt's graphic drawing below. Or find a link to the NSFW image here.

The collaboration is also drawing comparisons to 'Preme's collab with Toshio Maeda, which featured hentai drawings.