NTS have made a collection of T-shirts in a collaborative project with six of the best labels and club nights from around the world. The collaborations show designs from Radio Jack, a radio show, club night and all round haven for hyperactive and saccharine pop sounds; Mixpak, Dre Skull’s renowned label; home to releasing dancehall behemoth’s like Popcaan and Vybz Cartel; Pan, a Berlin-based label run by Bill Kouligas; Naafi, Mexico City’s supplier of experimental club music, who have used their design to show negative connotations through a distorted Donald Trump (A very topical subject with Tyler, the Creator also producing a T-shirt mocking the US Presidential candidate); Endless, and finally Unknown to the Unknown, DJ Haus' Youtube channel turned label and distributor. 

The collection shows both long and short sleeve T-shirts, each complete with a large graphic print. Short sleeve T-shirts are priced at £30, while long sleeves are £40. You can shop the entire collection here. Scroll for the run-thru. 

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