Noah's Brendon Babenzien is the latest subject of Union Los Angeles' video series Superdopehypeincredible. In the video, Babenzien talks about how his vision for the brand differs from what everyone else is doing and the inspiration behind his relatively new NYC shop

Babenzien is the former creative director at Supreme, but it's clear from the get-go that he's going to run things a little bit differently with his own brand. Even agreeing to appear in this video shows that Babenzien won't be the in-the-shadows brand founder, like Supreme's James Jebbia. 

The ethos for Noah's new store also seems directly in contrast with that of the cult streetwear brand. "With fashion retail it's been really, really cool to be standoffish and elitist and this and that, like, just generally in the industry," Babenzien says. "So we wanted to do the opposite of that and kind of say, 'Well, why does it have to be that way?' Why can't you make cool shit and be interesting and still be nice to people?" 

Noah's new store is based around this principle and Babenzien says his wife is the mastermind behind the inviting shop design with its couches for customers and friends who want to ask questions or just hang out. 

Babenzien clearly had his thinking cap on the past couple of years as his life changes route, not only with Noah, but also with a new baby. The designer waxes philosophically about life in the beginning of the video and closes it out by discussing how his child impacted his views. 

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