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Much was written in Metro Boomin's FADER cover story, but you know the old adage: a picture is worth a thousand words? The cover image says something about the producer that isn't covered in the span of the interview. Out of all the items Metro could have worn to his cover shoot, he chose a Supreme x Daniel Johnston T-shirt. 

Johnston is a musician and artist and is best known for the kind of scrawled drawings that's printed on Metro's tee. As a musician, Johnston has been featured in movies like Where the Wild Things Are, and Kids, which coincidentally has its own Supreme collab

Johnston is also the subject of a film titled The Devil and Daniel Johnston that documents Johnston's life living with a bipolar disorder that developed into self-obsession. The documentary is a good peek into what inspires Johnston's art — both his sketches and music.

Metro's tee features one of these sketches and isn't even some impossible-to-get vintage piece. It was a part of Supreme's second collaboration with Johnston that was released almost exactly a year ago. The second collection a much-expanded-upon version of the T-shirt range that Johnston and Supreme released in 2012. While both feature the multi-hyphenate's sketches, the second collection prints them on a much wider range of apparel, including jackets, hoodies, hats, and sweatshirts. You can easily get the Daniel Johnston x Supreme pizza tee Metro is wearing on eBay for less than triple digits.

Wearing the tee speaks to Metro's love for the brand and a look at his Instagram shows his collection of 'Preme runs deep.