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Earlier today, USA Today introduced us to the Iconspeak T-shirt. It's a tee that features icons to help those who wear it communicate basic needs like a phone, WiFi, and a bathroom. The shirt was specially designed for people who travel to a different country, but have no idea how to speak the language—or dress themselves. 

Basically, how it works is, you walk up to a complete stranger and start pointing at the grid on your shirt in hopes they will somehow catch on to what you are doing, before writing you off as a complete weirdo. But, even if you aren't desperately trying to make conversation using a music note and peace sign, this shirt is ridiculous. Not to mention, there are definitely better things you could do instead of openly displaying the fact you have no clue what you are doing in a foreign country.  

Not to be outdone, a company released a Pac-Man suit released earlier this week. The Opposuits company thought it would be a good idea to cover a suit in the vintage video game's graphics, but like all novelty suits it just ends up looking truly atrocious.

So, thank you, Opposuits and Iconspeak, for helping us identify people we should be running in the other direction from.