You may not understand the hype, but it’s obvious Vetements has the fashion world wrapped around its finger. Honestly, what other label could get away with peddling a DHL T-shirt for over $300, or a Snoop Dogg tee for nearly $1,000? Not many. But perhaps more shocking than the absurdly high price points is the fact that these items actually sell—very, very well. And it doesn’t just stop at graphic tees or one-size-fits-all raincoats.

Here, we’ve rounded up several Vetements pieces that are as expensive as they are unnecessary. It all started with an Alyssa Vingan Klein tweet pointing out a $750 cigarette holder made out of brass, sorry, galvanized brass.

If you thought this was simply an anomaly, let us direct you to a $347 case for your Bic lighter, a $425 snuff necklace, and a pair of $1,300 jeans made from two pairs of old Levi’s.

Really, who the hell is buying this stuff?

Lighter holder ring: $345 at Nordstrom

Whip lighter keychain: $330 at SSENSE

Cigarette case: $750 at SV Moscow

​  Reconstructed Levi's jeans: $1,321.21 at The New Guard  ​

Lighter holder: $347 at SV Moscow

Silver necklace w/ pendant: $425 at Antonioli