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Remember Dylan Sprouse? The actor and his twin brother Cole played the little kid in Big Daddy and then had a series on Disney called The Suite Life of Zack and Cody. Well, these days the NYU-grad spends his days brewing beer and acting as the "resident fuccboi" on the Streetwear subreddit. 

Last night, after his identity was revealed on the site, Sprouse was asked to do an AMA about streetwear and it is pretty hilarious. The actor answers a range of different questions from who is the best-dressed Super Smash Bro.'s character ("Falco is fresh af") to when he is getting dreads like Bieber ("as soon as it's no longer 'cultural appropriation'").

He also shared his views on trends, Sprouse says his least favorite is "beanies with the loose air in the top looking gnome shit goin on fuck." But, if he could start a new trend it would be neo-medieval. "Think there were some dope old trends that lost their way due to rising hostilities in the political atmosphere," he said. He also shared that he still enjoys trends from the early 2000s like "visible, high socks," which he wears "almost every day, even with jorts."

When it comes to brands that mark up Gildan shirts with "shitty graphics" on them, Sprouse advised to "stay away from em, don't support em, let em die."  When he was asked if he would start his own brand in the future, Sprouse said he is leaving that to the "wizards." 

Even though he clearly wasn't taking the AMA totally serious, Sprouse did prove he knew a thing or two about streetwear saying that he likes Japanese brands like Wacko Maria and The Soloist. 

 To read Sprouse's entire AMA head to Reddit.