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Supreme’s current collaboration with The North Face has certainly got the streets on fire, but one individual who apparently isn’t feeling the new collection is A$AP Nast. The Harlem rapper has taken to Instagram to air his grievances with the New York streetwear label, claiming that they’ve lifted his and other people's ideas without handing out due credit.

While we have no idea if his claims are true or not, his Instagram posts, featuring what appears to be initial sketch ideas from himself and other like-minded creatives, are well and truly aimed at Supreme, as well as individual members of Supreme's design team. Nast claims the posts are firsthand evidence that Supreme have been lifting their designs from multiple sources without giving credit.

In his first post, which comes with a design illustration of a jacket based on The North Face Steep Tech (which he clarifies isn’t his actual design in a later post), he calls out Supreme and more specifically, Angelo Baque. He writes that:

“Supreme stole yet another idea of mine smh shouts to everybody who liked that I brought back the north face steep tech along with my brother Marko my graphic designer who helps me bring my ideas to life thank you all who lined up for my idea I truly appreciate it don't let them lie to you ! You see this is why I get so mad when some of young kids will comment on my photos of me wearing supreme and say that I am a hype beast or a poser and that's simply because some of your fav designs from supreme 2015 into this year was designed by yours truly and I haven't gotten a penny from them at all and I'm more then sure there is a lot more people under the same umbrella as me who design things for them and don't receive a penny from them here is a photo of the steep tech design that was given too Angelo Baque and James jebbia during a meeting around this same time last year and now this idea has come to light and they are telling me this looks nothing like the design they released earlier today I say bullshit how about yall and let me be clear I'm not trynna take down supreme or none of that other weird shit but I just figure I'd let the people know what's going on with them so this way your aware that brand you hold up so high don't barely have original designs of their own smh shit is crazy and if you don't believe me I have more where this came from stay tuned y'all peace and love”

They say imitation is the best form of flattery, just don’t tell that to A$AP Nast. Supreme has yet to comment on the claims.

Peep the gallery below to see the extent of Nast’s ‘rage against the Supreme’.