Today's funeral for Nancy Reagan was a chance for loved ones to mourn a beloved friend and family member. It was a moment for the nation to pay their final respects to a woman credited with making a strong effect on American politics, thanks to the influence she exerted over the Presidency of her husband, Ronald Reagan. And it was also a chance for Mr. T. to show up in combat boots, full camo, sunglasses, and an American flag bandana.

According to ABC News, Mr. T—'80s icon, star of The A-Team and Rocky III, and devoted mohawk connoisseur—joined dignitaries like current First Lady Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton, George W. and Laura Bush, Caroline Kennedy and Rosalynn Carter at the services, which were held at the Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley, California. But, unlike the others in attendance, who largely opted for the traditional black funeral attire, Mr. T seized the opportunity to remind everyone why he is, as his Twitter bio states, a "professional pitier of fools." As shown in the screen grab from CSPAN above, it looks like it's a lesson that actor Gary Sinise is honored and super psyched to receive. 

Mr. T became friends with the former First Lady when they paired up to promote her infamous "Just Say No!" anti-drug campaign. Unlike that initiative, the friendship between Mrs. Reagan and Mr. T seems to have had a lasting impact. It also provided us with the image below, which makes me feel like I just said yes to all sorts of drugs.

Image via Wikipedia

Rest in peace, First Lady; and never change, Mr. T.