Miller Rodriguez, aka Prettypuke, has got an exciting new project in store for us. And he needs our help to bring it to fruition.

During his HOODLUMS solo exhibit in Seoul next month, the famed photographer plans to create a documentary that focuses on South Korean youth—specifically the youth counterculture as he sees it. Though he admits he doesn’t know what to expect, the subject matter isn’t entirely foreign to Prettypuke, as his grunge-inspired work has often highlighted the honest, sometimes sordid, lives of young people.

“That’s what my whole world is; it’s understanding a current culture that’s a counterculture,” he explains in the video above. “I think that what I have created and I’ve captured is the zeitgeist of youth culture.”

So how will this project go down? Well, if all goes according to plan, Prettypuke will head to Korea for two weeks during the exhibit hosted by VISLA magazine. During that time, he will use his iPhone and 100 rolls of 35mm film to document everything he sees. He then plans to take his images and put them into an e-book, and use the footage for the documentary. But he needs some support, which is why he launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds.

From now until April 10, Prettypuke is hoping to get $6,000 pledged to the project. And, of course, he’s giving supporters some pretty dope incentives, including prints, a downloadable e-book, and a digital copy of the documentary—all depending on how much each person gives.

You can learn more about the project in the video above as well as the Kickstarter page. The HOODLUMS exhibit is free to the public on April 15 at Seoul’s Zinc Gallery.