Founded by designer Matthew Williams in 2015, Alyx is the high fashion culmination of Williams’ tastemaking career. Starting out as a part of the original DONDA braintrust—​he designed a jacket for Kanye to wear to the Grammy Awards—​Williams, with Virgil Abloh and Heron Preston, helped to define a new streetwear aesthetic through their brand/collective/art project Been Trill. With his own line, named after his daughter, Williams continues the hyper-referential and almost nostalgic re-purposing of trends and iconography from his youth; this time with Alyx, the focus is less on fonts and attitude and more one fabric sourcing and construction. Although the high fashion world hasn’t led Williams to shy away from his original sources of inspiration: The latest collection featured tees that, when folded, spelled out “f*** you,” and masks made by Shin Murayama out of Camel and Newport cigarette t-shirts.