There’s no doubt that the words “slim” and “skinny” are practically intertwined in the proverbial fabric of today’s fashion industry for men. And even though Kanye claims to have popularized skinny denim, he may have played a key part in the current baggy movement, too. From crewnecks and unstructured coats to trousers, baggy, saggy, and draped, all were big this winter. So why can’t it carry over into spring? Light jackets, shorts, and T-shirts can still rep the legacy of the ultra-wide, especially when brands are going out of their way to make sure they have that extra room in their pieces. Look to guys who have been doing it for a while, like Rick Owens and Raf Simons, and toss in some newcomers like Wil Fry or Astrid Andersen, who are offering new interpretations of the look. You can even look to fashion favorite Vetements for inspiration, as they do this unorthodox look the absolute best.